Vintage Cream Cabinets with Metallic Bronze Island with Chocolate Glaze

This kitchen is a prime example of how new finishes on existing cabinets can totally transform a kitchen without the expense and hassle of a complete remodel.

This client went back and forth for about 3 months on the project. She was tempted to tear out and start over but she had a pretty big investment in her countertops and thought they may have potential. She felt like her kitchen was overdue for an update.

After consultation and several creative color brainstorming conversations with Donnye from Vintage Chic, the color palette was chosen for the wall and perimeter cabinets–a rich cream in a satin finish. The island was a more bold choice: a true metallic bronze paint with a chocolate walnut glaze and clear varnish topcoat in satin.

The chicken wire and rain glass doors were already in place, but new trim and moldings were added to give details in some areas that needed to pop. The new finish and colors made the already stylish elements look even better.

This island is painted in a bronze metallic paint with a chocolate walnut glaze

The client’s favorite thing about her new kitchen is, “the way the colors come together so well and unite the other elements in the room”. Her style is unique and fun. When asked about the best part of working with Donnye at Vintage Chic, she says, “It was smooth, fun, and the job got done!”

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