Add Great Design Style to Your Home with Furniture Painting in Johnson City

Have a great piece of furniture with sentimental value that looks out of date?

Want something new that makes a bold statement?

Going for a high end, custom designer look but need to watch the budget?

Using Vintage Chic Painting for furniture painting in Johnson City can help you accomplish all of these.

Bellagio cabinet furniture painting in Johnson City.
This was a great piece of furniture by Kincaid. A thrift store find actually, that was transformed into a stunning piece with a custom finish. (Click image for larger view)

Look in the pages of all decorator magazines and you will see painted furniture. It is a great way to add intrigue and interest to any room. Popular home décor stores are filled with painted pieces in many colors. If you thought that having a piece custom done was not a possibility, you will be very happy to learn that furniture painting in Johnson City is more cost effective than you may have thought.

Gibbons buffet furniture painting in johnson city by Vintage Chic Painting
A 1940’s buffet was given new life and new style with this updated look to fit the client’s deco’r. (Click image for larger view)

Perhaps you have an old family piece that you would like to keep and use but it is very dated and just does not fit “your style”. There are endless possibilities with paint finishes. Even a new clean, color can give an old piece new life. A painted piece with a glaze can lend itself to a farm house ,cottage romantic look, or a sophisticated country French look. A more decorative paint finish can open an entire world of looks.

Kramer Buffet furniture painting in Johnson City by Vintage Chic Painting
This 1950’s dresser repurposed as a buffet. The client wanted a bold statement against the wallpaper. (Click image for larger view)

There are endless paint colors to choose from and your piece of furniture can be done in any of them. Maybe it is a monochrome look you are after, or perhaps you want your piece to really stand out and be in a bold, even wild color. The possibilities are endless with painted furniture in Johnson City.

Secretary furniture painting in Johnson City by Vintage Chic
This was an incredible find by my client. a 1930’s secretary finished in my “Old World Paint” gives a high end look. (Click image for larger view)

Professional decorators and designers already know all of this, and that is why in the high end decorator books and design magazines you see examples of beautiful painted pieces. Often, what you saw and loved may have been created with a paint finish and you didn’t even realize it. Now you can take advantage of this and get these same looks yourself, for your home. Once you experience the thrill of having your own idea come to life in a piece, you will want to do more and to take advantage of this option and these ideas.

Need some inspiration? Visit the Vintage Chic Painting Idea Gallery online and see examples of a wide range of pieces to get you started on developing what will be perfect for you and your home. When you are ready for painted furniture in Johnson City, call Donnye Phillips with Vintage Chic Painting at (423)557-5097 or click here to email and set up a time for your free estimate and consultation.

We also offer a painting class to learn how to do your own pieces with popular finishes.

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